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Green Provence?s kitchen enables to acquaint you with the most important culinary monuments of Europe. The Menu is full of master courses: Old Polish beetroot soup with meat dumplings, aromatic Hungarian goulash soup, Greek salad with feta cheese, saturated with sun, Italian penne with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, parmesan and rocket salad and having a French pedigree-baked snails. At the start of the feast we offer Raw beef tenderloin, carpaccio or Mild roasted porcini mushrooms in puff pastry, fried camembert cheese with cranberry and fragile salads compositions (such as smoked salmon, grilled fillet, colorful vegetables). Going further we will find evaporates in pots, bread bowls and porcelain soup plates, like kwasnica, zurek, chlodnik - traditional Polish soup. Choice of main course will be a tough challenge for the undecided. We can choose between hot, fragrant summer winds pasta (cannelloni with spinach lasagne, penne with chicken and chanterelles) or home ?mad dumplings (Ruthenian, with cabbage and mushrooms, meat, fruit, or cheese) and shiny pancakes with fruit jam. But that's not all what we can do! For gourmet we offer exquisite dishes from fish and seafood ( scampi with roasted tomatoes, steamed salmon with chanterelles, sole with almonds with Fettucine noodles and boiled vegetables, trout saute with garlic butter, zander) and various meat (Veal fillet with wild mushrooms, escallops pork, stewed duck breast, grilled tenderloin slices in sauce,''Romanof, roast pork gyros with tzatziki sauce). This unique festival of flavors can be fulfilled only by a properly chosen wine from our extensive collection. We offer a wide range of such French, Italian, Chilean, dessert, dry, półwytrawnych and sparkling wines for every occasion and for every dish. We particularly recommend Provence wines: Chateau Vermeil, Spes, Sables d'Azur